About MCS

Master Chord Studio is a new private and independent recording facility in North London since 2013. It is owned, directed and represented by Michele and it is not associated with any other facility in the music world.

It has been designed with the purpose of achieving the highest possible quality in music production. Acoustic design by top Architects, Professional Builders and Sound Engineers, high quality outboards, the unique and brand new Steinway & Sons “D Model” Pianoforte n: 610591 made in January 2019, prepared and serviced by Ulrich Gerhartz and the legendary SSL 4040 G+ Computer Console.

Are you ready to hear your best sound? Master Chord Studio is ready and waiting to hear from you.

Our Strengths

Complete Facilities

The studio offers:

  • 1 Control Room
  • 1 Live Room
  • 4 booths with different dimensions and acoustics
  • 1 Machine Room and 1 Storage area for all the equipment
  • 1 Spacious lobby area, with kitchen furniture, leisure area and two toilets.

Modern Equipment

Master Chord Studio is equipped with the best analog and digital equipment and has one of the finest sound in London. It has been created to enable musicians with passion and ambition to make quality projects. Please, check the full Gear List under the Equipment page.

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