The Project

Master Chord Studio is a modern recording facility thought with acoustics and ergonomics in mind.

All rooms are carefully built with the best solutions and materials: each room has its own independent floating floor, walls and ceiling, built by different layering materials and thickness in order to create a solid yet live structure, which reacts to vibrations in a natural way, letting the musician “feel” his performance and not only hear it. This technique ensures an incredible insulation between the rooms, to allow modern multitrack recording and mixing to be carried out with the lowest possible leaks between the rooms. If you like to work “all in one room recording”, the booth’s doors can be left open, letting the sound spread from one room to the others, creating these amazing “ensemble” ambience. All rooms are equipped with regulated power outlets, heating/cooling and filtered fresh air systems, noiseless and low consumption LED lighting systems and carefully designed bespoke acoustic solutions built using eco-friendly and an allergic materials only.

All these features contribute to make Master Chord Studio as one of the finest Recording and Mixing facility in London.

The Studio

The studio comprises of one Control Room, one Live Room, four Booths with different dimensions and acoustics, a Storage/Machine Room for all the equipment and a spacious Lobby area, with kitchen furniture, leisure area and two toilets.

Control Room

32 sq meters room with extremely accurate neutral and homogeneous acoustic, extra low noise systems, a comfortable production desk with remote control for talkback and a dedicated patch panel, glazed windows and doors looking to the Live Room.

Live Room

55 sq meters live room with 3,2 meters height ceiling, live but controlled ambiance with a little of shine in the upper frequencies to compensate for overcrowding (the room can seat up t0 12 people), direct visual connection (through glazed doors) to all Booths and Control Room.

Booth A

The yellow room, 8 sq m booth, designed with extra insulation layers and extreme low frequencies control to cancel modal resonances, is the perfect booth for guitar and bass cabinet to be recorded with volume full open while still being able to record “pianissimo” passages in the other rooms. Audio connected to Booth B, Live and Control Room.

Booth B

The blue room, 13 sq m booth, given its central position and neutral acoustic footprint, is the perfect place to record a drum kit with the option to leave the doors open for clear close miking and huge far field ambience thanks to the live room. Audio connected to Booth A, Booth C, Live and Control Room.

Booth C


The red room, 16 sq m booth, 3m height, it can even seat a small ensemble as needed, a drum kit, an hammond with leslie, all your guitar amps. it also has a glazed window for visual communication to booth B. Audio connected to Booth B, Live and Control Room.

Booth D

The green room, 4 sq m booth, the smallest one, as vocal booth for live sessions, as an additional booth for amplifiers. Audio connected to Booth A, Live and Control Room.

Lobby Area

The lobby is the place for rest, coffe, a chat between sessions. From lobby you can access the bathroom with basin, bidet sink and also has a comfortable shower.

Storage and Machine Room

All the equipment is kept safe at your disposal in the big Storage/Machine Room behind the control, so no messy booms and cables around when you are working.

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